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I woke up early in the morning… impossible to sleep.  Thoughts, as beehives, swarming, crawling, flying.  Well, I think it is better I get up and write it all down.  This wonderful period when I don’t sleep really and am not totally awake is a powerfully energetic moment in time. 

When I am hovering in this time space where everything is wonderful, colorful, clear, illogical and magical, then I cannot drown myself back to sleep.  Finally I  wake up to a sunny morning in the garden and this wonderful world opens its radiant eyes to me. 

All those thoughts in that twilight space seem to me so dramatically fantastic and feel like resilient or elastic air for the parachutist turning, falling, swimming in it, as a strong swimmer. 

Such energetic forms, drama-sensitive colours, rich in content and the whole spectrum of coloring and harmony…then I wake up, I stand up and stretch myself and I look at myself in the mirror. 

In the kitchen I hear the clattering of dishes, conversation, shoes knocking against the hardwood floor, and suddenly all the miracle of the half-dream disappears, as a fog melts under the heat of sun, and the prosaic takes over and I need a great effort to restore all that I experienced and have seen.

This early morning when I woke up, my body was close to the warm, hot body of Carol.  I tried not to disturb her.  She is very quickly sensitive. 

She must sleep more, she has a very busy day, she must be in several places at the same time, that she has to take care of and she is the only one who is pulling a very heavy carriage in order to survive in this economic world. 

Well, then, now I will try to remember this wonderful half-dream, half-light, half-darkness, full of colours, half-colours, lines, very strange ideas and thoughts!  Can I remember?  Can I restore the full visions?  Well, let’s try.

Alexander P. Sachal


Gallery 4: PORTRAITS
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