Count and Countess De Montalembert

60" x 48"
Oil on Canvas

After I was shot and wounded by German soldiers when I was fighting in the Resistance in France, during WWII, the Count and Countess de Montalembert hid me in their castle in Burgundy.  They healed me and  kept me in their house despite all the dangers to be discovered that they were hiding a “terrorist”, the way the Germans branded us Freedom Fighters. 

We remained friends for the rest of our lives.  I owe them my life.  So, I painted them as a strong, united couple and the ribbon, describing them united in God, because in the meantime the Count passed away;  the inscription on the ribbon, united in God, because the Countess is a deeply religious Catholic. 

Out of the blue, two angels suddenly appear;  dashing down, “full steam ahead”.  They are to announce Charlie and Marie Francoise to the whole world!    It is a celebration!

My angels are teenager kind;  full of energy and enthusiasm. They are boy-scouts of the Universe, always ready. They make as much noise and music up in the heavens as grown up kids can do. Today, they are very happy.  It is a special day to them.  They’ve been summond to a special event.  They are blowing their golden trumpets, all kinds of heavenly noise and music.

“You know,” cries one, “I just touched Marie Francoise’s hair!”
“Oh,” said the other, “what a blessing!”

Then, they propel themselves up into the blue skies and display across the heavenly sky a huge, silk ribbon;  on it, in golden letters, we read, “In God United, Jean Charles, Marie Francoise de Montalembert”.  Here, we see our beloved couple.  Charlie, forever smiling;  makes everybody near him very comfortable;  Charlie, so frail and strong at the same time. 

A butterfly on his shoulder is a symbol of transformation into the other level of life.  From Marie Francoise comes a frightfully beautiful flower, forever renewing itself, forever alive, from no beginning nor end;  symbol of living Universe. 

Marie Francoise is our Mother-Goddess; source and Creatrice of life.  Behind them, we see the blue Universe which is filled with myriad of infinities of speckles.  It is just to remind us that we are all part of it.

As to me, Charlie and Marie Francoise will remain in my soul as two bright blinking stars.

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