Spanish Reminescence

48" x 72"

In Spain I rented a little "finca" house, in Torreblanca, near Fuengirola, near Torremolinos, near Malaga. At that time, it was a real "campo"; only a few little peasant farmers worked their little pieces of land, making meager harvest.

It's very dry area and it doesn't rain much. They have to rely on irrigation and often there is not much water. Nevertheless it was a very lush and beautiful area, with its olive trees. One should see when olive trees are in blossom! They look as somebody sprinkled them with silver powder.

The peasants were very gentle and sweet lot. Going down the hill towards the sea felt like heaven, or as heaven should be. That's where I had the idea to paint my fig tree ("Picnic Under The Fig Tree" shown in Gallery 1).

When I painted my Spanish Reminiscence, it was this particular memory that came up to my mind. I always felt like riding a big horse on this immortal Mediterranean, cradle of all cultures and civilizations. Not the industrial ones. Here I am riding with a beautiful woman, probably kidnapped, but in love; with such a feeling of endlessness and immortality as in ancient myths.

My horse is very proud to be involved in such a wonderful adventure as a love affair. Even clouds seem to be happy to be around at this moment. Up in the hill, there is my little house with the cypress tree which I planted myself.

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