Carol with Tiger

48" x 40"

I always enjoy painting Carol. I would like to paint her in all kinds of dresses, dresses which belong to all different cultures and civilizations. She lived through all the cultures; she lived through centuries and centuries; a woman ... WOMAN.

Our women are what we are. Man cannot live alone and here she is, to make us better men or destroy. We need her as we need air to breathe...we need her to find our own center, to stablize our chaotic rotation. And that is the way it will be for as long as this world exists.

Here Carol is standing with her cat, Tiger, who lived with us for 20 years. She was a great huntress; she-Tiger-kept our house clean of all kinds of bugs, mice and rats. If we saw anything moving in the garden or house, we would never see it again! Tiger would take care of it. She was a real member of the family.

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