60" x80"

Bogatyrie are legendary men, who were called by Russian people to protect their towns from invaders. They would go single-handed against big hoards of aggressors and save villages and people. Their names are : Nikita Dobrynich, Ilya Murometz, and Aloysha Papovich, who was the youngest and very skillful with the bow and arrow.

Vasnetzov painted the picture of these heroes one hundred years ago, and I believe it is in the Russian Museum of St. Petersberg. In his painting, all 3 are dressed in full battle regalia, standing on top of the hill, and looking into the distance, so they can see if any aggressors are in sight. I decided to paint them without the full battle regalia for many reasons: new times, new bogatyrie.

Bogatyr in Russian translates as "powerful man". Bogatyrie are for Russians a symbol as to be Free. So, new times, new bogatyrie. Now Russia is in the hardest situation in its history...different invaders, and greater dangers. The symbol stands for power, justice and freedom from evil one.

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