48" x 72"

In TorreBlanca, where I lived in Spain, way up in the hills, I could look to the West and could see a breathtaking panoramic view; most spectacular of all, was at sunset. When the sun was going down, and very soon would be gone, behind the Sierra, or chain, of the mountains, I could see one chain after another with ever-changing diaphanous colours, and sun, radiating life, just staring at me, as a great Fire-Being, really a great Living-Being with a powerful impulse, radiating life.

Then, in the closer distance, I could see a few farm houses, then a few trees here and there, and the fields, and I stood on this side of a deep hollow - full of wonder at the timelessness, and felt that life was pouring into and enveloping me.

I heard strings ringing and I breathed and felt weightlessness and very fine needles sweetly piercing me, like a tiny microscopic hail, golden and alive, hitting me with a very fast roll, and my soul was swelling, as a dry and faded flower finally getting some water, raising its head with a surprise and starting to rise into life.

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