Adam and Eve

48" x 66"

The scribes, avatars and wise men wrote books. And we read them. So, there was a heaven, and all kinds of creatures lived there; God's creatures. Also there was a man, and his name was Adam. The scribes were thinking for a long time, and wrote that God decided for whatever reason to create a woman. So, he removed one rib and blew life into it. And here she was, beautiful, and her name was Eve.

They were very happy like healthy children. They didn't know very much; they didn't worry; they were strolling around the heaven and did not ask many questions; they were on some kind of welfare, they didn't have to do anything in exchange for everything. But one day, the smart snake came around and whispered, "Look, there is one tree over there...and Daddy doesn't want you to eat its fruits. But why? Why don't you try it?" So, they tried it!!

And suddenly, scribes and avatars were ashamed of themselves because Adam and Eve, after eating the apple, knew more than before and the knowledge was shameful. An angry Daddy threw them out of God only knew how they would survive or stay alive. They disobeyed his order, and acquired new consciousness, and Daddy got very upset and threw them to cold and hunger, practically to the streets, very strange God. Those scribes felt themselves very, very smart.

I painted Adam in the movement of desire, apple or not apple. There was and will be attracting force from a man to a woman, before heaven or after heaven, man is attracted to a woman, as our planet is attracted to the sun. There is no reason in is a reality. If you ask a man what attracts him to that woman, many would not answer exactly why. Man does not know why; he knows that he is, and the rest of the story comes later.

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