A Couple

40" x 30"
Oil Painting

"A man is good; but a man with a woman is better!" (Old Russian proverb). Man is very busy building all kinds of things like: pyramids, temples, tractors, kolchoses, factories, canals, banks, bridges, computers, condons, anti-biotics and so on. Oh, this is marvellous, great culture, civilization, and flushing toilets!

Man put into it a great deal of energy and imagination, and it is great, GREAT!!! Now when it comes to living...when you are alone with the Universe, one realizes that one is utterly alone and one has to relate to a woman. Without a woman, man has no ground to his feet. He feels that he is alone, and black universe on 4 sides of him.

Deep in his soul, he screams for a landing ground. He wants to feel something solid under his feet, or a solid wall behind his back. Only then, man can become himself, or a chance to become. Hence, this couple of sweethearts.

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